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Jay McGraw Construction is sought out by some of the best contractors in Oregon and Washington.

For that first impression impact, it all comes down to the detail in the finish work. Jay performs his work not only from a builders perspective, but also from the eyes of a new Homeowner; seeing their finished home for the first time.

Years of service in the construction industry, coupled with an unrelenting attention to detail, have made Jay McGraw Construction a trusted name for contractors and homeowners alike.

Quality of service should never be determined by the amount of money a customer is able to spend. We believe that everyone, regardless of how much the investment, is entitled to the same level of excellence. Whether a customer is spending $200,000 or $2,000,000, quality is always the first priority.

We serve two different customers; the construction contractors we work with and the homeowner we build for. Both are important in terms of trust and performance. We realize that “word of mouth” advertising is the most reliable; it is what sustains us. We simply cannot, and will not, compromise on quality.

This is not just our job…this is our livelihood. We are passionate about how we help enhance the experience of someone walking into a new or newly remodeled home. It is the feel… the emotion of attention to detail that people are attracted to. Elegance in finished detail is appealing and remembered… we love to be a part of that.